Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ink Chart for Common Typefaces

 Two designers got together to perform an experiment to see how much ink certain typefaces consumed in comparison to others. The experiment consisted on hand-writing each font with ballpoint pens.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Creative Packaging Design Pieces

Packaging Design can be just as important as the main product itself. Packaging is the first thing that catches our attention when we walk into a store and gives us the urge to purchase. If the packaging design is poorly done, a person can easily overlook and miss out on some great products. Here there are several clever pieces that integrate the actual purpose of the main product to the packaging. 

Color Pencils

Something I did in color pencils a long time ago for a school project. It was supposed to be based of a classical music piece provided by my professor. The exercise was to identify whether the piece was Legato/Staccato, Progressive/Alternating and then representing it as an art piece. I apologize about the quality of the picture, the original is about 14" x 16" and I had to crop it to fix it into the camera frame.

Recreating Children's Drawing by Yeondoo Jung

This is a great concept. Even though for the most part, children lack of artistic skill, there is one thing that they do best, and that is imagination. Since they are not as aware of the world as full grown adults, they are able interpret it as freely as their mind allows them to. As we grow to become adults, our mind tends to replace creativity with knowledge, making it more difficult to come up with our own creative interpretations of what we already know, which reminds me of the famous quote, “I am too young to know everything.”This artist was successfully able to apply the sensibility and technicality of a full grown adult to the creativity of a child.

House of Falling Furniture

A San Francisco artist turned an abandoned building into a piece of art by placing furniture in a way that creates the illusion of it being thrown out the window.